Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Holy Family

Today, in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, is the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Today we celebrate the most perfect family ever to exist. The Lord willed to become man and live in a family as the rest of us do. He also willed that the family, the Domestic Church, be the basic unit of society.
It is, therefore, no accident that the family is under grave attack throughout the word in these days. The devil is seeking to destroy the very fabric of our lives. He wishes to attack the family, because it is the first place that the Gospel is lived out in most people's lives.
He attacks the goods of marriage (children, exclusivity and permanence). The contraceptive mentality has become rampant, even among those who identify themselves as Catholic. Extramarital and premarital relations are seemingly on the rise. Divorce is common, nay, expected as an outcome to more than half of marriages.
There are too many who pronounce vows before the Priest with mental reservations, which later become the grounds for a decree of nullity. Who'd have thought at the time of Humanae Vitae that the Catholic divorce (and decree of nullity) rate would nearly equal that of the rest of the world?!
It is no accident or simple seeking of rights that leads the homosexual community to seek to re-define marriage as being between a man or woman and whatever turns him or her on. If the family is redefined, the whole of society is redefined. As goes the family, so goes society.
We must pray for the intercession of the Holy Family. Their help is needed to reconstruct our society as a Christian society.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, save us, save our Priests, save our families. Amen.

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