Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Octave of Christmas

Today the Universal Church celebrates the Octave Day of Christmas, ordinarily known as the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God. The Theotokos, the God-bearing one, is celebrated since the Council of Ephesus. She is the Mother not only of the human nature of Christ, but of the whole Christ -- God made man. To deny that Mary is the mother of God is to deny that Christ is God, also known as the Nestorian Heresy.
Our Lady delivered Our Lord without suffering any loss to her perpetual virginity. She bore into the world its savior. And now we view the mystery of the Incarnation from the standpoint of the Great Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, as she is lauded in the Byzantine Liturgy. It is the will of God that His Son should come to us through the Virgin. He chose her from before time began to be His Mother. The mystery is sung in today's Office:
Sancta et immaculata virginitas, quibus te laudibus efferam, nescio: Quia quem caeli capere non poterant, tuo gremio contulisti.
Holy and Immaculate Virginity, I know how to carry out your praises: For Him whom the Heavens cannot hold you brought to your lap.

It is a great opportunity for us to meditate upon the great privilege that was afforded to Our Lady and to St Joseph to hold Our Lord in their arms. It is also truly amazing that so many separated brethren hold Our Lady in such disregard. No tongue can praise you worthily, O Mother of God.

Nos cum prole pia, benedicat Virgo Maria.

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