Friday, January 11, 2008

What a difference an elective makes

Recent posts on other blogs, e.g. WDTPRS, have discussed the formation of seminarians in the Extraordinary Form. Some have chosen not to do anything until sending Bishops request it. Some have chosen to have elective courses.

Notably, however, Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St Louis is going to train the seminarians, universally it seems, to celebrate in both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms. This, I propose, is the most favorable way to go about training the men. Those seminaries that offer an elective course are, no doubt, to be applauded. However, the fact that it is an elective does leave concern for the PLUs as to weather it will be just more evidence to pigeon-hole them. We never want to fuel the fire, yet we want to learn how to celebrate Mass in the immemorial way.

It's amazing. Goodbye, Good Men is still happening. They have learned new buzz words, like "He isn't with the people in a meaningful way." This, of course, is usually meant to describe someone who is "too focused on the rubrics" or something like that. This is, of course, as though the Liturgy were not a meaningful contact with the People of God! Michael Rose could write a new edition or sequel to his book. God knows, many of us have been through the wringer at the hands of those who are supposed to be promoting vocations. It's enough to make me compose a Gregorian version of We shall overcome... It's OK, though. We shall overcome, because they are getting closer and closer to retirement. People Like Us need to hang in for the long hall.

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