Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let's end this now!

It has been 35 years now, and we are still meeting in Washington for the March for life, either physically or in spirit. Every year we pray that this will be the last time there is a March for Life, but deep down we are preparing ourselves to be there again next year.

The March for Life gives us a chance to gather together with like minded people -- at least when it comes to the understanding of a fundamental right to life. This is an issue that is at the same time highly motivated by religious sentiment and really not a religious issue. What I mean is, this is not a Catholic issue. This is a human rights issue. This is the whole problem with the organizations that support abortion. They almost universally do so in the name of "reproductive rights" or "women's rights."

Women's rights?! Is this some kind of joke? Women are by far the most harmed by abortion. First of all, statistically, more women are killed in the womb than men. Secondly, what abortion does to the psyche of a woman is unspeakable. Women have the right to be preserved from this. Organizations like Planned Parenthood International should not be permitted to make money hand over fist off the suffering of women.

Those of us who are ordained will have to deal with women who have had abortions. We have to bear in mind always that she probably felt backed into a corner. Our job is to be a personification of the Divine Mercy to these women. Embrace them, lead them gently to the Sacrament of Penance. They are most likely like the woman with the hemorrhage -- they need to hear, "rise up, daughter, your faith has saved you."

The world knows that the Church hates abortion. The old adage of hate the sin, love the sinner applies. Those who have had abortions must know that they are not outside of the mercy of God. We call upon them to be sacramentally healed by the power of Christ.

Let us pray now that we will not need to make our way to Washington again next year. Let us pray that no more children will die from abortion and that no more women will be scarred for life by it. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

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