Friday, December 28, 2007

The Holy Innocents

or as one parish bulletin had it "the Holy Innocence"

Today we celebrate those who, in the words of the Collect for the day, confessed Christ not by speaking, but by dying. In a great rage, Herod ordered that all male children under the age of two be slain. He feared a rival to his throne.
Again and again society finds ways to repeat its history. From the earliest of times, recorded in the Bible, we find human sacrifice. Our Lady of Guadalupe has been named the patroness of the unborn by such ecclesial giants as Fulton Sheen. She once put a stop to child sacrifice in Mexico, and we pray she will do the same for us here. Meanwhile, our politicians, following the example of Herod, are putting to death far more children than he did. There reason? It is the same as his -- the fear of losing power. They would rather condemn unborn children to to death than lose an election.

Let us pray today for an end to abortion without exception.

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