Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy New Year

We have embarked now upon a new liturgical year. It's hard to believe that Advent is already upon us. How can we make this year better than last year? A list (not comprehensive) could include such things as:
  • Regular confession -- Unless your memory is better than an elephant's, you probably don't remember much that you did three months ago. If you want to make a really good confession, monthly is a good practice. Every two weeks is even better. Many, including myself, have found that spiritual growth goes faster if confessing regularly.
  • Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus -- Devotion to Our Lord's Sacred Heart is irreplaceable. Our Lord promises to protect all who fly to the protection of His Sacred Heart.
  • Consecration to Jesus through Mary -- The practice of Total Consecration according to St Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort cannot be beat. Anyone who has done it can tell you of times that the protection of Our Lady was there because of it. I personally could not have made it through seminary without it! This, of course, includes the Rosary daily.
  • Daily Holy Hour -- If you want to get close to Christ, in a way it is just like any other friend. How many relationships do you know of that don't grow cold from lack of contact? Spend time with Christ as you would with a spouse -- He wants your soul for His spouse.
  • Devotion to Saints -- When you find a Saint with whom you relate, you find a friend who can help you grow closer to Christ. That person may be someone who has been through the things you have, or has a similar temperament.
I pray that this year will be grace-filled for us all. For those who are struggling with seminary staff or vocations' directors (wreckers?) who seem intent on giving you a chance to be the next chapter of Goodbye, Good Men, hang in there. If you do the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, you will be amazed at the difference it makes. Persevere! As the Italians say (in America) Deo vede e Deo provede!

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