Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sacerdos in Aeternum

Having recently been ordained (less than a week), I must say it is awesome. The experience is surreal. Being surrounded by so many brother Priests and being able to call them brother Priests is also unbelievable. The New Liturgical Movement is thoroughly under way in East Texas. I did promise that more would be revealed soon, didn't I?
So here it is. Darth Celebrandi pulls back the veil just a bit -- but I still have to leave something for you to figure out, if you don't know me personally. If you do, you know there was only one man ordained to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ in East Texas in the last week.
A brief synopsis:
  • Saturday morning, the ordination at long last occured. Many have tried to put a stop to it...many have succeeded in delaying it for a long time. They perhaps didn't know how pastoral I would be, but, in the words of one brother Priest, they still had to kiss my hands!
  • Saturday afternoon, the first confession (and a few more). It is an indescribable, or should I say ineffable, feeling to hear oneself say those words "I absolve you from your sins..."
  • Saturday night, there was the banquet.
  • Sunday morning, thing got extraordinary. My first Solemn Mass according to the Extraordinary Form went very well. It was a morning of Firsts. Fr Check's first time as a Deacon in the EF; Fr Wickersham's first time as Subdeacon; Fr Allen's first time as Assisting Priest. Last but not least, the first Solemn Mass at that Church.
  • Sunday afternoon the people of East Texas saw the Ordinary Form in a way that was quite extraordinary (no pun intended, just the best suited word). The Choir of SFA sang the Missa Festiva of Grechaninov; the Canon was chanted (whole Liturgy of the Eucharist was in Latin); the Altar was oriented; six candlesticks; incense; 7 concelebrants. None of these things is per se extraordinary, yet they are never seen in these parts. People cried when Mom and Dad were given their manutergium and stole, respectively.
  • The Feast after the Mass was remarkable. Credit is due to Chad LeMaire of LeMaire's Catering by Design. I have never had cajun food like that! Did I mention the Shiner Bock?
  • Then came the week to decompress in New Orleans, which has drawn to a close as I head to Washington for another Solemn Mass according to the Extraordinary Form.
All in all, I would have to declare this was a PLU-fest. I think the PUUs were not too pleased when the Bishop once again stated that he hopes all of his Priests will celebrate according to the Extraordinary Form frequently. He also lists that specifically in the Faculties I received. God is good.

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