Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Are the People of God dumb? Pars Secunda

The Bishops have actually done it. They have actually failed in their duty to pass the translation of the Propers of the Seasons. Yep. There really are at least one third of our mitered ones who think you and I are to stupid to understand anything higher than fourth-grade English.
I will add my voice to the many others who would love to see the USCC/NCCB receive a telegram from the Holy Father stating that since they cannot seem to agree on a translation of the current Roman Missal, in the Ordinary Form, they must simply use what they have as a current Roman Missal until they pull their miters out of their rumps and provide us with a decent translation.
"Dear Brother Bishops, Since you have not found it within your abilities to agree on a sound translation of the Roman Missal published by our predecessor of blessed memory, the Servant of God, John Paul II, we have ordered that the recognitio be withdrawn for the use of tranlations of former editions of the Roman Missal in the Ordinary Form. We encourage you, brothers, to translate the Third Typical Edition of the Roman Missal (Ordinary Form) quas primas in order that the faithful again be able to hear Mass in their own language, should they desire. We impart to you our Apostolic Blessing. Given at Castel Gondolfo 8 July, 2008, the third year of Our Pontificate"
Somehow I think THAT would put fire under their feet. Until that happens, they know they can drag this out as long as they please.

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